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Updated January 2023

PEANUT Does not contain No shared equipment; facility free of
TREE NUTS Does not contain No shared equipment; facility free of
SESAME Does not contain No shared equipment; facility free of
EGG All flavors contain N/A
DAIRY All flavors contain N/A
SOY Some flavors contain All flavors share same equipment
WHEAT/GLUTEN Some flavors contain All flavors share same equipment
FISH Does not contain Ingredients have not been confirmed from manufacturers for cross contact; our facility is free of
SHELLFISH Does not contain Ingredients have not been confirmed from manufacturers for cross contact; our facility is free of


What Top 9 allergens are you free of?

We are thrilled to be able to say we offer 100% Peanut, Tree Nut, and Sesame Free Fudge!  

What Top 9 allergens do you use?

We do use some of the Top 9 Allergens in our recipes.  Every flavor includes Dairy and Egg (this is not raw egg; it is whipped dried egg white in the marshmallow creme that we use; however it is definitely not considered "baked egg").  Some flavors include Wheat and Soy, and because we use the same equipment for all flavors, all flavors have the risk of cross contact with Wheat and Soy.  We do not use Fish or Shellfish in any of our Fudge, and it does not directly enter our facility as a raw ingredient.  However, ingredients have not necessarily been vetted for cross-contact via shared equipment from manufacturers for Fish and Shellfish.  That being said, in obtaining allergen information, many of these manufacturers label for top allergens.  We will not use anything labeled for Fish or Shellfish, and given the types of ingredients we use, it is unlikely contact with Fish or Shellfish would occur in the manufacturing of our ingredients, but not guaranteed.

Do you use shared equipment?

We do not use any shared equipment with Peanuts, Tree Nuts, or Sesame.  Each individual ingredient that we use has been carefully chosen, with confirmation from the manufacturer, that they are produced 100% free of shared equipment with these allergens.  Some ingredients come from facilities that include these allergens, but much time and effort has been put into confirming there is no shared equipment.

Is your facility nut free, or free of any other allergens?

We are now operating out of our own, dedicated facility!  This facility is 100% free of Peanuts, Tree Nuts, Sesame, Fish, and Shellfish.  It is not free of any other top allergens.

Does Nut Free include Coconut?

None of our flavors contain Coconut as an ingredient.  We do have a select few "Coconut" flavors (Mocha Coconut and Coconut Truffle) - the coconut flavor is not derived from real coconut.  The "coconut" is artificial flavoring, in contrast with all of our other fruit flavors on our menu which use natural extracts.

Is Sunflower an ingredient in the Fudge?

About half of our flavors do contain sunflower lecithin due to the white chocolate we use.  We do not use any sunflower butter or sunflower seeds in our Fudge, and these items are not brought into our facility.  If sunflower lecithin is an ingredient in any particular flavor, it will be clearly listed in the ingredients section of that flavor's product page.  Please remember all of our flavors share equipment with each other; there is no separation between flavors that may contain sunflower lecithin and those that do not.

Is Chickpea, Pea protein, or any other legume an ingredient in the Fudge?

We do not use any legumes as ingredients in our Fudge, and they do not enter our facility.  We will not use any ingredient that lists a legume within its own ingredients.  However, our ingredients are not vetted for natural flavors that may contain these, or for cross contact / shared equipment from the manufacturers.

Does Fudge contain eggs?

Our Fudge does contain eggs.  These are not raw eggs.  Our marshmallow cream contains dried egg white as a major ingredient.  We do NOT consider the Fudge "baked egg", and do not recommend consuming it if you manage an egg allergy in any capacity, even if you tolerate baked egg.  The Fudge is not made in a way that would qualify meeting typical "baked egg" terms. 

Does Fudge have nuts?

Not at Trio!  Although nuts are traditionally used as an ingredient in Fudge, we have made the conscious decision and effort to eliminate all nuts and the possibility of cross contact with nuts in order to cater to our fellow nut allergic community.   Please see above on this page for more detailed information.

If you have any questions regarding these or other allergens please do not hesitate to contact us!  We live the allergy life each and every day, so we get it.  We would rather field a million questions to ease your mind before a purchase, than you take a risk.