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For any questions, concerns, or special requests please contact us at: / 609-756-3103 
We can also be reached via our social media accounts:
Facebook & Instagram @triofudge

Why Trio, what’s Trio?

That’s everyone’s first question.  The short answer - it’s us!  We are Jaime, Pete, and Jesse and the three of us make up Trio Fudge.  By day we are parents, siblings, an uncle, a project manager, electrician, and stay at home mom of 2 incredible little kids.  (To them maybe we are Superheros?!)

When it comes to Trio, we are so many things... the marketing and finance departments, the creative team, the BAKERS!, the event staff, the social media gurus - you name it, it’s us.  So that’s where the name for our family-run business comes from.  No matter what has to be done, the three of us divide and conquer, lean on each other, bounce around ideas, and occasionally argue (as all family members do, right?!)

We have actually been making fudge for over a decade, but only recently decided to turn it into a business so we could share our creations with a larger community!  It has been tons of work, but so much fun, and very rewarding to see so many people enjoying our treats!  

Please take a moment to browse our selection of carefully chosen flavors.   We are always brainstorming new and exciting flavors to add to our menu. (In other words - we taste test a LOT of fudge!) Together we have created an assortment of both traditional and seasonal flavors. Some off-the-wall ones too (think Chocolate Cake to Apple Crisp and everything in between!)  Be sure to check out all the yummy possibilities on our Flavors Page!