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PARTY MIX GIFT BOX - 1 lb (4 flavors)
PARTY MIX GIFT BOX - 1 lb (4 flavors)
PARTY MIX GIFT BOX - 1 lb (4 flavors)
PARTY MIX GIFT BOX - 1 lb (4 flavors)
PARTY MIX GIFT BOX - 1 lb (4 flavors)

PARTY MIX GIFT BOX - 1 lb (4 flavors)

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Want to order a box of our delicious Fudge as a gift, but don't know what flavors to choose?!    With over 40 flavors on our menu, we understand it can be difficult to decide flavors for someone else's palette.... enter our pre-set Gift Boxes!

Each set features a winning flavor combination that has been thoughtfully curated to offer a variety of best sellers, traditional staples, and unique creations for your lucky recipient.  

Each 1 lb box features 4 flavors (see below for pre-determined flavor list), and boasts some extra packaging pizazz, giving it that wow factor for gifting!  An exceptionally delicious, handmade, and gift-ready option!
A delightful collection of flavorful favorites!

PARTY MIX GIFT BOX includes the following flavors:
Cookies & Cream, Birthday Cake, Chocolate, Mint Chocolate Chip

Cookies & Cream - Our #1 seller!  No surprises here - tastes just like its name, with LOADS of cookie crumble (because you can never have too much cookie crumble!)

Birthday Cake - Always a fun flavor, with a twist on the standard cake!  Slightly more brownie-like in consistency, and of course topped off with colorful rainbow sprinkles.  Birthday Cake Fudge is loved by all ages! 

Chocolate - the gold standard of fudge flavors!  Basic but never boring, our traditional Milk Chocolate Fudge will wow all Fudge lovers.

Mint Chocolate Chip - A classic flavor you can never go wrong with!  Our creamy Mint Fudge is topped with milk chocolate chips and swirled inside for some extra yum.  Tastes just like the ice cream!
Please note there are no flavor substitutions for the pre-set Gift Boxes.  If you'd like to choose your own flavors, please check out one of our standard Sampler Box options instead! 

* We highly recommend transferring your fudge to an airtight container immediately upon arrival in order to preserve the freshness.  For more information please click here.

Allergen Information:  All flavors CONTAIN milk and egg.  Some flavors CONTAIN soy and/or wheat.  All flavors are made on equipment that also uses soy and wheat.  All flavors do NOT CONTAIN or share equipment with peanutstree nuts, or sesame.

If you have any questions regarding these or other allergens please check out our Allergen Information page or contact us for more details!