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We took our #1 seller (Cookies & Cream!) and combined it with our rich, Dark Chocolate!  The result is a beautifully balanced Black & White treat.


* We highly recommend transferring your fudge to an airtight container immediately upon arrival in order to preserve the freshness.  For more information please click here.

Ingredients:  sugar, butter, evaporated milk, salt, marshmallow (corn syrup, dried egg white, vanillin), white and dark chocolate (sugar, chocolate, palm kernel and palm oils, cocoa butter, cocoa, nonfat milk, milk fat, milk, cream, whey, sunflower lecithin, soy lecithin, vanilla, natural flavor), (cookie crumble (unbleached enriched flour including wheat, palm and/or canola oil, cocoa, high fructose corn syrup, leavening, soy lecithin, artificial flavor)

Allergens: CONTAINS milk, egg, soy and wheat. Does NOT CONTAIN or share equipment with peanuts, tree nuts, or sesame.

If you have any questions regarding these or other allergens please contact us or check out our Allergen Information page for more details!