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Why Does My Fudge Look Different Than Last Time?

Great question!  And I actually get this one every so often at our in-person markets and events. 

The short answer: because it’s made by ME!

The longer answer: because each and every batch of Fudge is made with love, passion, and hard work - by a real person - who dedicates a tremendous amount of time and effort into both the science and art of every batch of Fudge that is poured. 

Our Fudge is NOT made by a machine. It is NOT “cookie cutter”.  It is NOT precision cut by a mechanical slicer.  

Trio Fudge IS, however, all of the following things!

  • ingredients are measured by hand
  • batches are hand-churned, and hand-poured (no help from machines here!)
  • color amount is added by eye
  • toppings are added by hand
  • once set, batches are cut by hand and by eye - no measuring and again no mechanical slicers!

Hopefully you can see the beauty in this truly handmade process!  There is something wonderful about enjoying a product where a primary ingredient is passion.  As cliché as that may sound, I find it to be incredibly true.  You can TASTE the difference in our Fudge, and I’ve been lucky to receive that feedback countless times.  

As I mentioned above, I always describe the process of Fudge-making as both a Science and an Art.  Baking in and of itself is most certainly a science.  I see it all the time that cooking is much more forgiving in that sense.  (I’m not a cook - I wouldn’t know!)  But that baking is not a force to be messed with.  If it says add a 1/2 cup - you had a 1/2 cup!

Baking Fudge is no different.  The science behind it is really fascinating, and I’ve learned more and more about the process over the years.  Watching the ingredients bubble and boil and come together, knowing *exactly* when to add that next ingredient and *exactly* when to remove it from the heat.. these are just some of the ways science plays a part in the process.  The transformation of the sugar, the transition of heat, the melting of the chocolate at just the right time.  It’s all “down to a science”, but there is leeway in that science when it’s controlled by human hands!  Not to mention varying environmental factors such as the humidity level that day, cooling times, and what rotation of the baking schedule a particular flavor falls in that day.  

And then the Art side comes in. I take such pride in the look of our Fudge.  Careful attention has always been paid to these details.  I always envisioned an aesthetic that was just different than traditional Fudge.  This applies to the shape, the cuts, the texture, the flavors, the fact that it’s nut free; really the whole package!  I was never interested in what I refer to as the “loaf” look.  Instead, our Fudge has a clean, rectangular shape to it.  It’s not cut in slices, it’s cut in blocks.  Some of our flavors are of course traditional and been around for decades in fudge shops, but others (like Banana Cream Cookie for one!) is a completely unique creation. Now throw on top of this our lighter, fluffier texture and less sweet recipe, combined with our passion for being nut free - you really have a one-of-kind Fudge here!

Consistency is key and I always strive to consistently create and offer the best product.  When I find a recipe that works, a flavor combo that stuns, or a perfect color ratio - I try my absolute best to stick to it with as much consistency as humanly possible.  Emphasis on *humanly* there, as my “long answer” to the original question has now become the “extra long answer”! 

So in closing - your Chocolate Covered Strawberry Fudge might not be the EXACT same shade of pink this time versus last time, or that delicious piece of Triple Chocolate might be cut on a slight angle and a little longer than your block of Mint Chip in the same box. But I can promise you this - it was all made by two dedicated hands in the middle of New Jersey who just wanted it to be the best damn Fudge you’ve ever tasted.   ; )