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What is Fudge? Is Fudge Chocolate? Asked and Answered!

If you're asking yourself these questions (or asking the internet these questions), you're not alone!  They get posed to me all. the. time.  So let's dive in!

What is Fudge?

The way I describe Fudge is all of the following ways..

  • it's like a soft chocolate
  • it's not hard like a candy bar
  • it doesn't melt into a puddle like a candy bar does
  • Fudge is more marshmallowy than a candy bar

Fudge is made of a few staple ingredients.  These may vary slightly but at Trio Fudge ours is made of a base of sugar, butter, salt, evaporated milk, CHOCOLATE, and marshmallow.   Then the ingredients vary by flavor.

Is Fudge Chocolate?

Well, Fudge contains chocolate as an ingredient.  All of our flavors at Trio Fudge have a base of either milk chocolate, dark chocolate, or white chocolate.  Fudge can be categorized as a type of chocolate, but it really lives in its own dessert world!  

Basically - all Fudge is Chocolate, but not all Chocolate is Fudge!  Fudge is most certainly a specialty item within the category of chocolates or desserts.

Did you know..  

In order to be truly considered chocolate, the chocolate must contain cocoa butter.  This is a key ingredient!  Many products called *white chocolate* are not actually chocolate, as they do not contain cocoa butter.  It is generally considered a lesser quality ingredient than true chocolate.  At Trio Fudge we only use white chocolate that is 100% true chocolate as it includes the all-important cocoa butter.

In closing, it's safe to say if you're a Chocolate Lover, chances are you'll enjoy every bite of Fudge - especially if it's made by Trio!


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