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Top 10 Best Fudge Flavors

We'll keep this sweet and simple.. as of this post we have a whopping 41 flavors! Here are the Top 10 in their respective categories! [Click the images for more on each.]

#1 Flavor Overall

Tried and true, Cookies & Cream is ALWAYS the first to sell out at events, consistently included in online samplers, and requested by all ages.  How could you go wrong with Fudge that tastes exactly like everyone's favorite cookie?!

#1 Chocolate Variety

What makes the 3 layers?  That's everyone's question about our top-selling Triple Chocolate, and with good reason!  The bottom half is a layer of decadent Dark Chocolate Fudge, and the top half is our creamy Traditional Chocolate Fudge, all capped off with a sprinkling of milk chocolate chips for the final touch!

Baker's Personal Fave

As one of our original 16 flavors, Mocha Coconut has been around from the very beginning.  And if you've known me since the very beginning, you know my answer to the question what's your favorite? has always been the same - resoundingly Mocha Coconut!  Now out of 41 flavors, I can confidently say it is STILL my favorite!  I always tell everyone - you gotta be a coconut fan, and you gotta be a coffee fan, but if you are - you will LOVE this flavor!

Best Flavored Chocolate

Simply the best!  If you haven't tried it yet, Chocolate Raspberry should be at the top of your list for your next order.  The raspberry flavor comes perfectly through the milk chocolatey Fudge.  It is the feature flavor of our Berry Blast Fudge Cake, as it sits at the bottom of this 3-tier creation, serving as the largest portion.

Best Spring/Summer Flavor

Hands down our best seasonal flavor is Orange Creamsicle!  We get requests for this one year-round, but we like to keep it special and bring it back for the spring and summer months.  (I've been known to sneak it in as early as February though!) Tastes just like summer and those nice cool treats!  Now for the debate - when you hear *Orange Creamsicle* - does it make you think of the traditional drink, or the boardwalk swirl soft serve ice cream? 

Best Winter Flavor

Our Top Seller Cookies & Cream with a Peppermint Twist is easily our most popular winter flavor, especially leading up to the holidays.  Gingerbread Fudge and Hot Chocolate are also fan favorites this time of year, but Peppermint Cookie takes the cake!  The hint of peppermint in the perfect compliment to the crunch cookie crumbles, and with snowflake sprinkles on top - makes the prettiest holiday gift.

Most Underrated Flavor

It's true!  Both S'mores and Ice Cream Crunch are two really underrated flavors.  It really comes down to balance.  Let's talk S'mores first - a buttery baked graham cracker bottom layer gives lots of texture to the gooey marshmallow and milk chocolate Fudge combo above it.  It's got a little bit of everything!  Then we have Ice Cream Crunch - although at it's base it is half white chocolate Fudge and half milk chocolate Fudge, this creation is anything but ordinary.  For starters the confetti style sprinkles and cherry-on-top make this one the most FUN of the bunch.  Add in the cookie crumble layer right down the center of the Fudge combo, and you have everything you could possibly want in a piece of Fudge.  Most are pleasantly surprised when they bite into this one!

Smoothest Flavor

The secret to the smooth factor here is the Maple!  I always describe Vanilla Maple as mostly a traditional Vanilla Fudge, with a hint of Maple at the end.  It really does make all the difference!  History here is that I was getting lots of requests for Vanilla Fudge, and separately for Maple Walnut.  Being that we are 100% Nut Free, Maple Walnut is a no-go.  So I played around combing the 2 requests, and couldn't be happier with the finished product!  As a result we have ourselves the silkiest smoothest Fudge on our menu!

Most Unique Flavor

Have you ever had Banana Cream Cookie Fudge anywhere else?
The best part.. it's GOOD.

Kids Favorite

And rounding out the list, probably to nobody's surprise, the favorite of the kiddos' is Birthday Cake time and time again.  (That's not to say adults don't love this flavor too!)  A white chocolate base with a truly CAKE flavor and texture to it, generously topped off with loads of colorful birthday sprinkles.
Thanks for reading along!
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