Our HOLIDAY SHIPPING POLICY is now in effect. The Fudge is packaged to withstand shipping, even through delays! However, there are NO GUARANTEED DELIVERY DATES OR SHIPPING TIMELINES with USPS. Thank you for your understanding! (Click here to read full policy)


This past weekend we had our very first SELL OUT event!  It was at the Roebling Wire Works Building in Trenton, NJ - the Halloween-themed Trenton Punk Rock Flea Market.  Those punks like their Fudge!!   We sold out of every single bar of Fudge.  We are humbled and grateful.  And low on Fudge!  (Not a bad problem).  

Seems like nobody missed the nuts one bit.  We did get a few requests for Peanut Butter Fudge, but a super quick explanation on why we don’t serve it and no one even blinked.  Moved on to any of the other 18 (Nut-Free Fudge) flavors we had to offer.  What a great event and a great test!  

Looking forward to joining this awesome organization again in 2020.