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Not Too Sweet Treat!

We get this feedback All. The. Time.  That our Fudge is delightfully "not too sweet!" I LOVE hearing this (!) because wayyy back when I was recipe-testing (and testing, and testing...) this was a huge effort on my part.

I kept trying different versions of the recipe to nail down just the right amount of sweetness.  Now don't get me wrong, it's still Fudge.  Fudge is an indulgence, it's a sweet treat.  BUT - it doesn't have to give you that toothache feel when you bite into it!

There are a few reasons why Trio Fudge is much easier to enjoy than typical fudge.  See below for what makes our Fudge standout against the rest:

  • Each batch of Trio Fudge contains up to 30% LESS sugar than most fudge recipes
  • Each batch of Trio Fudge contains anywhere from half to even 2/3 LESS butter than most fudge recipes
  • We use evaporated milk instead of condensed milk (did you know condensed milk is simply evaporated milk, but with a ton of added sugar in it?)
  • To put it in perspective - each serving of condensed milk contains approximately 7x the amount of sugar compared to evaporated milk! This means even though we add sugar separately, it comes nowhere near the equivalent of using condensed milk.

I tend to offer samples whenever possible at our in-person events so customers have the opportunity to see for themselves that Fudge can be extremely pleasant on the palette and truly enjoyable, instead of just a sugar rush!  What usually shines through instead of the sweetness factor, is our incredibly decadent flavors - which is how it should be!  

In addition to the controlled sweetness, Trio Fudge has a unique texture to it as well.  It is so much lighter than most fudges.  This is due in part to the butter being significantly cut down.  At the beginning when I was testing recipes, I remember throwing entire batches in the garbage because the consistency was almost inedible - so greasy and heavy.  I was certainly determined to offer a better quality product than that before going live with sales and marketing.  In the end I landed on ingredient proportions that I am still very happy with, and our customers have proven to share the sentiment!

If you haven't tried Trio Fudge yet because you're "not a fan of Fudge" - give us a try!  I am confident you will enjoy our variety of flavors and our non-traditionally "not too sweet" treat!