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We officially have NO MORE NUTS!  We've been gradually saying goodbye to some of our old friends - Pistachio, Dark Chocolate Walnut, etc.. but we have welcomed new ones as well!  S'Mores sold out last week at it's debut market event proving to be a solid replacement for Rocky Road.  

Update on the ingredients front - we are still not 100% peanut, tree nut, or sesame free.  We are working through using up our remaining ingredients that must be replaced due to shared equipment with these allergens in manufacturing.  However, almost all necessary replacements have been determined!  This means in the near future we will be ONLY be using ingredients that are 100% free of Peanuts, Tree Nuts, and Sesame including NO SHARED EQUIPMENT from our manufacturers.  This is great news and very exciting.  

Once all ingredients have been switched over to safe alternatives, all new equipment will be purchased on our end to ensure no cross contact on that front as well.  

Much more to come but for now we are so happy with the progress that's been made and excited to continue on to becoming a Peanut Free, Tree Nut Free and Sesame Free Fudge company!!