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New flavor alerts!!  Lately our #1 requested flavor is by FAR Vanilla.  We have always been missing this one on our menu.  Our 2nd most requested is Maple.  I always felt pretty strongly I didn't want to do Maple without the Walnuts.  SO after some testing, we decided to combine the two!  Introducing VANILLA MAPLE FUDGE!  We are so pleased with the result, and brought it along to our first event of 2020 at Barlow's Flower Farm and Garden Center in Sea Girt, NJ.   You guys loved it and I'm so glad!  We almost sold out, so it seems Vanilla Maple is a keeper.

2nd newbie flavor is Butterscotch Pretzel.  This one needed a revamp, it was part of our original flavors but never turned out quite right.  This version worked and it's great to add it to our year-round menu!  The pretzel topping gives it a great crunch and the salty balances the sweet butterscotch perfectly.

Since eliminating nuts we've worked hard to come up with some good alternatives to add CRUNCH to your Fudge!  So far toasted coconut, graham crackers, cookies, pretzels, and some homemade toffee have fit the bill.

Recently our FRENCH TOAST Fudge and RED VELVET Fudge got makeovers too.  We brought these back into the rotation for the first time since Jan/Feb 2019, and they're better than ever.  A couple of small tweaks and they're good to go!

We're still working on a couple of additional new flavors to add into the mix!  Stay tuned!