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Yesterday was National Fudge Day!!  How exciting right?!  We ran a bunch of really great promos to celebrate.  (If you're not following us on social media, be sure to follow @triofudge on either Instagram or Facebook - this is where we post all of our promotions, new flavors, upcoming event schedule, and more! *Sign up for our email list* at the bottom of this page too!  We send out exclusive subscriber discounts, announcements, and other good stuff too.)

Onto Fudge Day!

I was pleasantly surprised that a bunch of customers at my weekly Wednesday market already knew it was Fudge Day!  We usually have a buy 3 get 1 free promo at markets, with 4 flavors in a 1 lb box.  Ran a *special* yesterday - 8 flavors in a 1 lb specialty box!  This was fun to try and a lot of customers loved it.  Who wouldn't want to try double the flavors?!

As for our online promos, these are still going on through Friday 6/18 [11:59 pm EST].

Option #1 - FREE SHIPPING!
1.  Purchase any combination of 3 lbs of Fudge, get Free Shipping!
Use code FUDGEDAY1 at checkout to apply.

What do I do with 3 whole lbs of Fudge you say?!

- Freeze it!  Our Fudge freezes and thaws wonderfully.  You can freeze for up to 3 months, so this is a great time to stock up on your favorites!
- Having a gathering?  Cut it all up and make it a platter!  With 3 lbs you can order up to 12 flavors!  The perfect way to let everyone try a little bit of everything.
- Feeling generous?  Give it out!  Each piece arrives individually wrapped.  Stick it in a little ziplock and hand out to your favorite people.
- Keep it all for you!  Who doesn't want more Fudge?

Option #2 - FREE FUDGE!
2.  Purchase a minimum 1 lb of Fudge, get an additional Free 1/2 lb of our brand NEW flavors!
Use code FUDGEDAY2 at checkout to apply.

What Free Fudge do I get?!

We are introducing 2 NEW flavors this week!  You'll receive a 1/4 lb of each - Pina Colada and Root Beer!  No substitutions.

These promos can not be combined, so pick your fave and get shopping!