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Let's talk flavors!

Let’s talk flavors...
So traditionally when you think of Fudge, I think nuts is kind of a given.  Even if you’re not a nuts-lover yourself, you probably assume a handful or more flavors at a given fudge shop or company include nuts. We certainly did!  So as a result a bunch of our original flavors did include nuts.  Although it may be sad to see some flavors go bye-bye, have no fear!  They will be replaced with some amazing and yummy alternatives!  
If nuts wasn’t your thing to begin with then you’re in luck - you’ll have even more delicious choices here!  If you did enjoy our nut flavors, thank you!  Thank you for trying them out, supporting us, and coming back for more.  Trust me, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed in the replacements!
The following flavors will be or have already been retired from Trio Fudge:
Rocky Road
White Chocolate Caramel Pecan
Chocolate Cherry Almond
Dark Chocolate Walnut
Cinnamon Bun Pecan
That being said - replacements are in the works!!  The one I am most excited about for sure is.....
I always felt this was missing from the lineup anyway, but it was just too close to Rocky Road to offer both.  S’mores will be the same milk chocolate based Fudge we already know and love, with the same mini marshmallows - just a graham cracker crust instead of walnuts!   This one has already been tested and approved by our in-house taste testers! Read - family members who got extra dessert that week  ; )
Chocolate Cherry Almond has been brought out to the markets a few times now without the almonds, and since no one seems to mind - this one’s sticking around!  Going forward this flavor will still be the classic chocolate covered cherry flavor, just minus the almonds.  
Dark Chocolate Walnut is such a classic, it’s definitely a tough one to replace.  Ideally we’d love to keep another Dark Chocolate in the mix, just have to figure out what to pair it with.  We have some ideas so more on this to come...
Pistachio is a toughie too!  So many of you guys love this one!  It is possible to keep this one on the menu, and derive the flavor from something other than the actual nuts.  This one is a work in progress as we want to be absolutely sure there would be no trace of nuts from those choices. Stay tuned.
Cinnamon Bun Pecan and White Chocolate Caramel Pecan were among our sweetest flavors.  The nuts helped cut the sweetness in both of these, so not quite sure if they’re doable without the nuts.  The brown sugar topping on Cinnamon Bun and the homemade caramel sauce in the White Chocolate Caramel put the sweetness factor in high gear.  Chances are these flavors will be completely retired instead of altered, and replaced with 100% newbies!!  
We do have quite the running list of requested / dreamed up flavors for our Newbie list.  Even without removing nuts, we are always trying to come up with new, exciting flavors!  Some of these include: Vanilla, Pink Lemonade, Cookie Dough, Cotton Candy, and Maple - to name a few.  We will of course keep you guys posted on any new flavors that hit the menu, and our Fall and Winter Seasonal options are coming back as well!  (Anyone remember best-selling Hot Chocolate? Gingerbread? Yum!)
Thanks as always for your support of our small business, and especially for supporting this new endeavor we are about to take on.  It means so much to us on a personal level, and we’re so happy to be able to soon serve other families that deal with the same allergies that we do.  And for all of those who don’t deal with allergies - we’re still just as happy to have you here with us too!!
Keep eating Fudge,