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"Invest in Earth Shipping" for 2022!

I am happy to say we are making some improvements to our shipping process for 2022!  During the last quarter of 2021, Sendle - one of our shipping services - sent out an opportunity that I hopped on board with right away.


In case you aren't familiar - Sendle is a third party shipping service.   They are a wonderful tool and service for small businesses, particularly those like us shipping smaller items.  They are able to offer a discount because of this, which I am then able to pass on to our customers.  (We never profit on shipping fees!  Trust me - it's quite the opposite if anything!)


We have been utilizing Sendle at Trio Fudge since November of 2020.  So as a trusted service, when they sent out their "Invest in Earth" shipping option late last year - this was a no brainer!  According to Sendle:


Sendle is the first and only 100% carbon neutral shipping service. To achieve this, we use fuel efficient shipping methods and offset the remaining CO2 produced through conservation, regeneration, and community initiatives. We ensure that all Sendle deliveries have a net carbon footprint of zero. That’s right, zero!


Sendle gave us the option of choosing which of 4 certified environmental initiatives we wanted our shipments to directly impact.  We chose Biedler Forest, located in the United States!



Additionally, all of our Fudge boxes are both recyclable and sustainable!  And from at least one of our manufacturers, the boxes themselves are already made from 50% recycled material.  We're happy to partake in even just these small steps towards a more sustainable future!