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I'll begin at the beginning..

Originally written on Aug 1, 2019
I think I'll begin at the beginning..
This business started as a part-time thing, a "side gig", something to do while I was home with my kids.  Well, kid, at that time.  There wasn't a tremendous purpose outside of it being a creative outlet for me, a way to make some extra money, and a path for me to finally be my own Boss.  Ok, I guess that all adds up to a pretty big purpose!
At the time, we knew food allergies were part of our life. "Our" being myself, my husband, and our child.  However, it was very newly part of our life.  We didn't realize growing a business would become so intertwined with this new way of life.  Fast forward a year and then some - we are successfully running Trio Fudge, and now as a family of four!  
I wasn't sure how personal I ever wanted Trio Fudge to get.  I'm not one to be big on social media, I don't openly lay out my personal life, in particular about my kids.  But, inevitably, the lines between Personal Life and Work Life blur quite a bit when you are your own boss.  That being said, about a quarter of the way into 2019, I made a big decision for Trio Fudge based pretty solely on my two amazing, incredible children.  These two littles both have life threatening food allergies. This has impacted us tremendously as a family, and the bottom line is I want my kids to of course be safe, but also be able to enjoy our Fudge that we've worked so hard on, and really be able to be a part of the action!  
Once I made this decision, I started to meet so many people with food allergies that would love the chance to have safe, amazing Fudge - both young and old! It makes the decision that much clearer and easier.  There is a space and a need for safe treats, and it has given Trio Fudge a greater purpose.
So here we are, I'm sharing more than I thought I ever would about my personal life with you, the supporters of Trio Fudge, and anyone else who might be interested in some delicious, allergy-friendly, Fudge.  I am thrilled to say the goal is for Trio Fudge to become 100% Peanut, Tree Nut, and Sesame free!  We are aiming for the start of 2020. There is of course a ton of work that needs to be done in order to accomplish this. I place an incredible amount of importance on the safety of ingredients and cross contact in our every day life, and I fully intend on practicing this same diligence for Trio and our customers.  
Phase 2 of Trio Fudge begins here.  I plan on taking you guys along for the ride, keeping you updated on our progress in becoming nut and sesame-free.  I understand that unfortunately this does not cover all the major allergens, or other dietary restrictions.  At this time, this is where we're going to start, and hopefully in the future we can welcome those with other allergies to enjoy Trio Fudge as well!
To those of you with Peanut, Tree Nut, and Sesame allergies - stay tuned!  I am very excited to be able to offer you safe Fudge in the future.  To those of you without food allergies - thanks for being here from the beginning!  You can still enjoy our amazing array of Fudge, and don't worry, we're not losing very many flavors!  A select few will drop off the list, but modified versions are in the works, along with the ever-rotating selection of newbies and seasonal favorites!
Til next time, eat Fudge,