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How to Choose Fudge Flavors

It doesn't get more fun than this!  With over 40 incredible flavors on our menu to choose from, the process can be tough, huh?   Whether you're purchasing a gift for someone else, or planning more of a taste-tester platter for a gathering or party, we understand narrowing it down can be overwhelming (although always with a delicious end result!)  Below are some tips for filling your Fudge Box!

The Standard 1 lb Sampler

For our 1 lb sampler, you'll be able to get 4 flavors in the box.  Want to double it?  Order by the 1/2 lb instead!  You'll get a full 2 lbs with double the amount of Fudge per flavor.  To fill your 4-flavor Fudge combo choose:

  • 1 chocolate
  • 1 non-chocolate
  • 1 seasonal
  • 1 best seller (for a safe bet), or 1 unique creation (to be daring!)

This method will give you a wonderfully well rounded sampler box!  It includes a little bit of everything, with lots of winning combos and options.  Everyone is sure to find something they'll enjoy!  Keep reading for some of our specific recommendations..

Chocolates:  Milk Chocolate, Brownie Batter, Dark Chocolate Toffee, Chocolate Cookie

Non-Chocolates:  Mint Chocolate Chip, Ice Cream Crunch, Vanilla Maple, Coffee

Seasonal:  (spring) Banana Cream Cookie or Chocolate Covered Strawberry
(summer) Orange Creamsicle or Key Lime Pie
(fall) Apple Crisp or Pumpkin Pie

(winter/holiday) Peppermint Cookie or Gingerbread

Best Sellers:  Triple Chocolate, Cookies & Cream, Chocolate Raspberry, S'mores

Unique Creations:  Root Beer, Blueberry Smoothie, French Toast, Lemon Poundcake

The Chocolates

We have plenty of Chocolate Fudge options!  Our traditional Chocolate Fudge is a milk chocolate, a perfect safe bet for any sampler box.  Brownie Batter is one of our newer additions - extra chocolatey with gooey chocolate chunks melted in the inside and both milk and dark chocolate chips slathered on top.  Dark Chocolate Toffee is one of our most decadent flavors with crunchy homemade toffee bits inside.  And lastly Chocolate Cookie is more of our traditional milk chocolate, enhanced with plenty of cookie crumble bits inside!

The Non-Chocolates

We know that not everybody loves chocolate!  Luckily we have a whole bunch of flavors that are not chocolate based!  Mint Chocolate Chip is a classic that packs a ton of flavor punch.  Ice Cream Crunch *does* contain a half layer of milk chocolate Fudge, BUT the other half is white chocolate Fudge, and spruced up with a mid layer of cookie crumble and sprinkles and cherry for topping!  It's got to be our most fun flavor!  Vanilla Maple is a wonderfully smooth option, mostly a traditional Vanilla Fudge with a hint of Maple at the end.  And last but not least, Coffee Fudge for the coffee lover in the crowd.

The Seasonal Favorites

Depending on which season we're in, you probably want to take advantage of our seasonal menu!  During spring time we highly recommend the Banana Cream Cookie or Chocolate Covered Strawberry.  They each have a light fruity flavor, and banana is paired with a buttery baked cookie crumble bottom layer and strawberry with a thin layer of milk chocolate Fudge on top.  Over the summer months, the Orange Creamsicle or the Key Lime Pie are delicious choices!  They are among our top-selling seasonal flavors overall.  In the fall, Apple Crisp and Pumpkin Pie Fudge make it back onto our menu, and are warm and cozy flavorful options.  Closer to December the Peppermint Cookie and Gingerbread Fudge both have us thoroughly indulging in holiday favorites!

The Best Sellers

You can't go wrong with any of these!  I don't think we've ever had someone taste test and NOT absolutely love these flavors.  Starting with Triple Chocolate - it's been our best selling Chocolate Fudge from the beginning!  Cookies & Cream is our #1 seller overall, even over the Triple Chocolate.  Chocolate Raspberry is hands down our best flavored milk chocolate.  The raspberry and chocolate is such a classic, decadent pairing!  And last but not least, traditional S'mores!  Quite possibly one of the most underrated flavors, it checks all the boxes with creamy milk chocolate Fudge, gooey marshmallows, and crunchy baked graham cracker bottom layer.

Unique Creations

Go against the grain by finishing off your Fudge Sampler Box with one of these outside-the-box creations!  Root Beer Fudge is a super special treat for those who love the classic soda drink!  Blueberry Smoothie is a summer favorite, sweet and smooth but packed with flavor.  French Toast Fudge tastes just like the real thing!  With a dash of cinnamon and nutmeg, and a sprinkle of brown sugar - breakfast for dessert is definitely on the menu.  Finally Lemon Poundcake is a light and lemony addition to our spring/summer menu.  Topped off with a graham cracker crumble.

Hopefully you are now well-versed in some of our flavor assortment and can confidently move forward with filling your sampler boxes to the brim with delicious Fudge that is bursting with flavor!  Don't hesitate to contact us with any questions about the flavors listed here, or any others on our menu!  Have an idea for a flavor we don't have yet?  Let us know!  We are always looking to add fun, new options to the rotation.  Email with your flavor suggestions!