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Food Allergy Training Kit from Wonderfully Made Kids Co.

We do a super simple monthly food allergy training checklist with our kids, just to help with key reminders and safety tactics.  This started earlier in 2021, and I was on the hunt for something tangible to use for training young children in particular.  I didn't find anything, so I made my own.  Our monthly check list covers the following:

  • name our allergens
  • practice with auto-injector trainer
  • reminder for hand washing & no touching face
  • role playing turning down food when offered from others
  • read a food allergy focused book!

We like keeping it basic, but I had to DIY a lot of this.  I printed out Word Docs of images of allergens, spelling of the allergens for sight recognition, etc.  It was all very useful and the kids got into it, but it was missing that fun kid effect.

In stepped Wonderfully Made Kids Co.  with a ready-made, toddler-and-young-child-friendly, ALLERGY TRAINING KIT!   Not only that - it is super up-to-date and features the Top *9* Allergens, not just the Top 8!  [Sesame was declared the 9th most common allergen in the US a few months back - a big deal for those of us managing sesame allergy!]

I actually learned about the kit from a post by Rachel of @allergenefriendly (  Had I not seen that post I'm not sure when I would have learned about Wonderfully Made Kids Co., but I'm glad I came across it!  I purchased a kit that evening.  

The kit arrived quickly, and comes with so much!

  • felt allergen pieces (shown above)
  • fun playing cards 
  • medical alert gear
  • EpiPen trainer
  • allergen tokens
  • paint kit
  • booklet with tons of role playing options, education ideas, stories, and more! (not shown)


We already had a lot of fun using the elements in different ways.  We sorted the felt allergen pieces:


We played detectives and searched for our allergens in hidden spots!

We practiced with our EpiPen trainer, and started painting our fun poster!

There is still plenty left in the kit to save for next month, as well as opportunities to use the felt pieces and tokens in lots of other ways.  We also saved the booklet for the future too, as to not overload little brains!  Our family is really looking forward to continuing to use this kit as a training tool for us, as well as extended family and friends.  

Wonderfully Made Kids Co. offers another kit with just a large quantity of education booklets.  These would be great for a school class or training session!  There are ways to personalize the stories and characters to your allergens, and lots of different options throughout the booklet for education.

Thank You to Wonderfully Made Kids Co. for creating exactly what we needed!

Trio Fudge is not affiliated with Wonderfully Made Kids Co. or  This training kit was purchased on our own, and this review is not a paid advertisement.  We just like supporting and sharing small businesses, especially allergy-friendly ones!